sind menschen blumen?
Singalila Ridge trek, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.

Valentino Haute Couture | Fall 2014 backstage (2).

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We’ve been apart for twelve hours now, and I’m already back at hating myself, you, and the things you make me feel.

I do not want this. I want to cut my heart out and bury its rotting core somewhere far, far away. Who am I to even consider love? Who am I to even dare trusting you? Who am I to you?



home by vamitos on Flickr.

view of the beach from our living room.


she-wrote-the-sky replied to your post: I bought the most amazing large black …

You are so beautiful how are you so beautiful *mind melts* xoxo

majooksenhuntidega replied to your post “I bought the most amazing large black hat, but I think I’m lacking the…”

You’re so gorgeous, I’m dying. <3

You are both so very, very lovely, thank you a thousand times! I took it to the festival with me, and it was just perfect. x